UPR1268 - Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies (BIA), Nantes

BIA is internationally recognised for the study on the composition, structures, functionalities and end-use of plant biopolymers (starch, protein, cell wall polysaccharides) during plant organs development (seeds, fruits, stems) and processing. Due to this expertise, BIA teams are involved or leading several European (DREAM, Fruit Breedomics, FibeBiotics, RENEWALL…), national (Breedwheat, ANR-NOMAC, ANR-Wheafi…) and regional programs involving pheno/chemotyping of different plant organs (Phenotic, AI-FRUIT). BIA has developed facilities for structural analysis of biopolymers as an IBiSA labelled platform (Biopolymers, Structural Biology, BIBS), equipped with NMRs, mass spectrometers and microscopies. A medium to high throughput pheno/chemotyping platform enabling analyses of biopolymers at molecular, and macroscopic scales, is developed within this platform to take into account biological variability in large collections.

Contribution to the project

Develop an original high throughput chemotyping and phenotyping platform, which will complement the existing structural and analytical IBISA labelled platform dedicated to the characterization of biopolymers at different scales in seeds and other plant organs.

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